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Chivalrous CircletChivalrous CircletArmor > Head Grade 2 Glamour Prism (Clothcraft)Grade 2 Glamour Prism (Clothcraft)Other > Catalyst Bronze RivetsBronze RivetsMaterials > Metal
Facet Coat of HealingFacet Coat of HealingArmor > Body Velveteen Coatee of CraftingVelveteen Coatee of CraftingArmor > Body Jewel of the Desert PaintingJewel of the Desert PaintingOther > Painting Doman Iron AlembicDoman Iron AlembicTools > Alchemist's Primary Tool Kafre's TuskKafre's TuskOther > Miscellany Shadowless Earrings of AimingShadowless Earrings of AimingAccessories > Earrings Tea BrickTea BrickMaterials > Ingredient
Imperial Jade Armillae of HealingImperial Jade Armillae of HealingAccessories > Bracelets Darksteel OreDarksteel OreMaterials > Stone Facet Ring of HealingFacet Ring of HealingAccessories > Ring Namazu MaskNamazu MaskArmor > Head Aetherial Padded Woolen TrousersAetherial Padded Woolen TrousersArmor > Legs Greatest Endsvale PaintingGreatest Endsvale PaintingOther > Painting Lakeland GreatswordLakeland GreatswordArms > Dark Knight's Arm Classic SpectaclesClassic SpectaclesArmor > Head Lominsan GuisarmeLominsan GuisarmeArms > Lancer's Arm Augmented Ironworks Magitek CodexAugmented Ironworks Magitek CodexArms > Scholar's Arm
1 2 3 4 5 ... Total : 34,135
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サムネイル ffxiv 【FF14 / FFXIV】エオルゼア各エリアの天気がひと目で分かる「エオルゼア天気予報」! サムネイル ffxiv [FFXIV] Tools for Original materials for crafting items FFXIV database tools. Checking Your favorite items and original materials for crafting them.A material calculation tool for crafters.Up to 10 cases can be calculated at one time. サムネイル ffxiv [FFXIV] Final Fantasy XIV - Map - Eorzea Map / Area Database [FF14] [ FF14 / FFXIV ] Final Fantasy XIV - Map database. The transfer, the place of Aetherytes, gathering locations, shops, mobs location, etc.. The database of [Final Fantasy XIV - Map]. サムネイル ffxiv [FFXIV] Final Fantasy XIV - Gathering - Eorzea Gathering Location Database [FF14] [ FF14 / FFXIV ] The Information of the gathering location - Final Fantasy XIV - Gathering. You could find what kind of items obtained from this gathering location - Final Fantasy XIV - Gathering. サムネイル ffxiv [FFXIV] Final Fantasy XIV - Items - How to get, What to use for Eorzea Items Database [FF14] [FF14 / FFXIV] The database - Final Fantasy XIV - Items. How to get, What to use for, Where to gathering, Which mobs drop, or something. You could find what you want for the ffxiv items informations. サムネイル ffxiv [FFXIV] Final Fantasy XIV - Shop NPCs - Eorzea Shop NPC Database [FF14] [ FF14 / FFXIV ] The database of Final Fantasy XIV - Shop NPCs. You could find what kind of items available (Gils or some currencies, token etc..) at the shop NPC - Final Fantasy XIV - Shop NPCs. サムネイル ffxiv [FFXIV] Final Fantasy XIV - Mobs - Eorzea Monster / Mob Database [FF14] [FF14 / FFXIV] The database - Final Fantasy XIV - Mobs. You could find what items drop from them, where you can find them, and so on...
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