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FFXIV Island Sanctuary Guide - Recommended Workshop Schedule Ranking of present terms

FFXIV Island Sanctuary Tool for trade schedule
FFXIV Island Sanctuary Guide - Automated Island Sanctuary Tools of Crafting Trade. You can easily check the most profitable schedule in all 24h combinations and the ranking of present terms.
The ranking calculated by present week's popularity, and the demand rates are also adjustable (default: all average / you can adjust here) so you can find the most suit schedules in your island. For more information about the tool See below.
Craft Schedule (24h) - Ranking
Period : 1 week from Feb 07 2023 [Tue]
Ranking : 1 - 10
Rank.1Crafting Schedule
Required Materials: Total
Sales Rate: rough indication
Inside of the brackets in Sales Rate shows the rough sales rate with the max groove (+35) of the workshops.
Rank.2Crafting Schedule
Required Materials: Total
Sales Rate: rough indication
Rank.5Crafting Schedule
Required Materials: Total
Sales Rate: rough indication
Ranking : 1 - 10
Workshops Demand Adjustment
The Popularity Rates : Feb 07 2023 [Tue]
iconIsleworks Potion Very High
iconIsleworks Firesand Low
iconIsleworks Wooden Chair Low
iconIsleworks Grilled Clam Average
iconIsleworks Necklace High
iconIsleworks Coral Ring Very High
iconIsleworks Barbut High
iconIsleworks Macuahuitl Very High
iconIsleworks Sauerkraut Low
iconIsleworks Baked Pumpkin Very High
iconIsleworks Tunic High
iconIsleworks Culinary Knife Average
iconIsleworks Brush High
iconIsleworks Boiled Egg Average
iconIsleworks Hora High
iconIsleworks Earrings Average
iconIsleworks Butter Average
iconIsleworks Brick Counter Very High
iconBronze Sheep Low
iconIsleworks Growth Formula High
iconIsleworks Garnet Rapier Very High
iconIsleworks Spruce Round Shield Very High
iconIsleworks Shark Oil Average
iconIsleworks Silver Ear Cuffs High
iconIsleworks Sweet Popoto Average
iconIsleworks Parsnip Salad Average
iconIsleworks Caramels Average
iconIsleworks Ribbon High
iconIsleworks Rope Low
iconIsleworks Cavalier's Hat Average
iconIsleworks Horn Low
iconIsleworks Salt Cod Average
iconIsleworks Squid Ink Average
iconIsleworks Essential Draught Very High
iconIsleberry Jam High
iconIsleworks Tomato Relish High
iconIsleworks Onion Soup Very High
iconIslefish Pie High
iconIsleworks Corn Flakes Average
iconIsleworks Pickled Radish Average
iconIsleworks Iron Axe High
iconIsleworks Quartz Ring Low
iconIsleworks Porcelain Vase Very High
iconIsleworks Vegetable Juice Low
iconIsleworks Pumpkin Pudding High
iconIsleworks Sheepfluff Rug High
iconIsleworks Garden Scythe Very High
iconIsleworks Bed Very High
iconIsleworks Scale Fingers High
iconIsleworks Crook Average
iconIsleworks Coral Sword Average
iconIsleworks Coconut Juice High
iconIsleworks Honey High
iconIsleworks Seashine Opal Low
iconIsleworks Dried Flowers Average
iconIsleworks Powdered Paprika Very High
iconIsleworks Cawl Cennin High
iconIsleworks Isloaf Low
iconIsleworks Popoto Salad Average
iconIsleworks Dressing Average
About this Workshop Tools of Island Sanctuary

About this automated Workshop Tools of Island Sanctuary

Thank you for using this this automated Workshop Tools of Island Sanctuary in FFXIV. In your island, you can trade crafted items which are made with 24h scheduled plans in your island's craft workshops. The items required 4h / 6h / 8h and you have to make plans for making them.
The kind of crafted items are 50 now, and assuming the the all items' making periods be 6h, the combination will be 6,250,000 patterns (too much!).
And the trade profits changed the items' Popularity (x0.8 - x1.4 bonus / All same as all players / changed every Tuesday reset timing), Supply rates (x0.6 - x1.6 bonus / varied with each players), workshop level (x1 - x1.2), grooves (x1 - x1.35), and combination bonus (x2).
This workshop tools automatically calculate the all scheduled profits and make ranking under the conditions "Occurd Combination Bonus" and "Not making same products".
To find best workshop schedule in your island is very difficult, but this tools make the process very easy, and you can check the best plans immediately. I hope you to have fun with your island life !
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